Control Room

The objective of the Dial 100 / 112 Police Control Room is to receive and respond immediately to emergency calls made by the public seeking police assistance by directing the patrolling police vehicles available for the purpose.

The Police Control Room controls the activities of police department in all over district. Control Room connects all police stations in district. Control room is in contact with all police station in district all time. It also plays role of communicator between field staff and controlling authorities at all levels. Control Room ensure proper execution of law and order. At times during critical situations and in the absence of Senior Officers/Unit Commander, the Control Room Officer has to take decisions, give directions to the officers present on the spot, if required dispatch forces to assist the police officers on the spot and to promptly communicate important events to the Unit Commander, other senior officers and DG Control Room. When there is problem of Law & Order or any accidental conditions or territory movements, citizens also inform control room on emergency dial 100 / 112 number. On that information control room take necessary action and if require then send force as immediate as possible to maintain law and order. For that purpose, PCR mobile vans are patrolling within city all time.