Mission Statement

The Police Department is an indispensable organization of the modern society. Over the years, the police have undergone a transition from only being an agency of enforcement to an organization offering service.We Jalgaon Police confirming with our motto “सदरक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय” discharge our duties towards the society, with a vow to keep a constant & vigilant watch.We regulate & control the affairs of the community with respect to prevention & detection of crimes, maintenance of law & order, ensuring safety and security of the vulnerable sections of the society and other matters affecting public.We are competent to overcome every possible challenge towards disposal of our duty.Our mission is to make Jalgaon a safe place to live with the active participation of people adhering to the provisions as envisaged by the constitution of our country.Police officers risk their life daily, being an officer is literally quite a thankless job. Not only are police officers often taken for granted, many people are highly vocal about their dislike for cops.

Maharashtra Police is the law enforcement agency responsible for the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is headed by Director General of Police and headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It has one of the largest police forces in the country, having about 35 district police units in the state. The Maharashtra Police force has a strength of nearly 1.95 lakh. It also has 1.5 lakh women in its force.













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