CCTNS - Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) project, started in the year 2009. It aimed to inter-link all police stations under a common application software for the purpose of investigation, data analytics, research, policy making and providing Citizen Services such as reporting & tracking of complaints, request for antecedent verifications by Police etc. The project is being implemented with close collaboration between States and Union Government.

Benefits of CCTNS to Police Department

Enhanced tools for investigation.

Centralized crime and criminal information repository along with the criminal images and fingerprints with advanced search capabilities.

Enhanced ability to analyze crime patterns and/ or modus operandi.

Enhanced ability to analyze road incidents and other accidents.

Faster turnaround time for the analysis results (criminal and traffic) to reach the officers on the field.

Reduced workload for the police stations back-office activities such as preparation of regular and ad-hoc reports and station records management.

A collaborative knowledge-oriented environment where knowledge is shared across different regions and units.

Better co-ordination and communication with external stakeholders through implementation of electronic information exchange systems.

Benefits of CCTNS to Citizens

Multiple channels to access services from police like Search & View Published FIR, Search & View unidentified / Unclaimed dead body, Search & View Missing Person, & etc.

Simplified process for accessing general services such as requests for certificates, verifications, and permissions.

Simplified process and accurate means of tracking the progress of the case during trials.

Simplified and accurate access to view/report unclaimed/recovered vehicles and property.

Simplified process and channel for grievance registration.

Improved relationship management for victims and witnesses.

Faster and assured response from police to any emergency calls for assistance.