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Working of Branches

This branch maintains the service records of the police men from Constable to Assistance Sub Inspector. They perform the following functions.

  1. 1.Promotions of the police men.
  2. 2.Transfer of police men
  3. 3.Increments
  4. 4.Leaves
  5. 5.Recruitment
  6. 6.Records of rewards and punishments

It deals with the Applications received in the office of the supdt. of Police. It maintains records of the application received and sent for enquiry and action. It also takes regular review of the disposal of the application.

Account branch prepares annual budget as per requirements of department and send to the Head of Department for sanction. Head of Department takes scrutiny and sanctioned appropriate amount under all heads to Unit Commanders.

Account branch prepares the playbills, Supplementary bills, Petrol/Oil/Lubricants bills. These bills are being pursued in treasury and after received of cheques it disturb to concerned Policemen / Firms.

Police officers and men who are completed age of 58 yrs. Then pension case submitted to the account General, Mumbai for grant of pension. This branch prepares the proposal of pension well in advance so as to complete all the formalities before the retirement of concerned officer or men.

Welfare Branch co-ordinates various projects initiated by Jalgaon Police. This branch runs the projects on funds received in Police Welfare.

Correspondence Branch worked on the following various correspondence.

  1. 1.Creation of new Police Station. Out Post in the District.
  2. 2.Reorganization
  3. 3.Creation of various types of posts
  4. 4.Establishment of Police Officers / Ministerial Staff / Class IV Staff / Police Dispensary Staff.
  5. 5.Correspondence regarding Motor Transport (M.T.) Section / Arm and Ammunition / Kit Articles etc.
  6. 6.Correspondence regarding Building
  7. 7.Correspondence regarding passing electricity bills / Telephone bills / purchase of medicine for Police Dispensary

All kinds of default reports received from various Police stations are scrutinized and put-up before Supdt. Of Police for order.

All kinds of departmental enquires / proceedings going on in the district are verified and defaulter will be punished as per the procedure of the law.