• It is the duty of a citizen to obey the law, to keep the peace and to assist the police.

• By helping the police the citizens help to preserve the rights and freedom of other members of society.

• The responsibility for the maintenance of law and order rests on the citizens.

• The police perform the function of law enforcement on a full time basis on behalf of society. Citizens are expected to perform this role on a part time basis.

• It is the duty of citizens to give relevant crime related information to the police and to assist the police in preventing breach of peace.

• Citizens will not shelter or harbor any proclaimed offender.

• Citizens have the duty to render evidence in a court of law.

१. ध्वनी प्रदूषण (नियंत्रण व नियमन) नियम, २००० ची प्रभावी अंमलबजावणी करण्यासाठी नियुक्त केलेल्या प्राधिकारणांबाबत जाहीर सूचना

२. ध्वनी प्रदूषण नियमांची अंमलबजावणी करण्याबाबत मा. उच्च न्यायालय, मुंबई यांनी जनहित याचिका क्रमांक १७३/२०१० मध्ये दिनांक १३.०३.२०१५ रोजी दिलेले आदेश

३. ध्वनी प्रदूषणाबाबत पोलीस यंत्रणेकडून करावयाच्या कार्यवाहीबाबत मा. उच्च न्यायालय, मुंबई यांनी जनहित याचिका क्रमांक १७३/२०१० मध्ये दिनांक १३.०३.२०१५ व दिनांक २४.०६.२०१५ रोजी दिलेले आदेश

• Use Strong Passwords Use different user ID / password combinations for different accounts and avoid writing them down. Make the passwords more complicated by combining letters, numbers, special characters (minimum 10 characters in total) and change them on a regular basis.

• Activate your firewall Firewalls are the first line of cyber defense; they block connections to unknown or bogus sites and will keep out some types of viruses and hackers.

• Use anti-virus/malware software Prevent viruses from infecting your computer by installing and regularly updating anti-virus software.

• Block spyware attacks Prevent spyware from infiltrating your computer by installing and updating anti-spyware software.

• Be Social-Media Savvy Make sure your social networking profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MSN, etc.) are set to private. Check your security settings. Be careful what information you post online. Once it is on the Internet, it is there forever!

• Secure your Mobile Devices Be aware that your mobile device is vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Download applications from trusted sources.

• Install the latest operating system updates Keep your applications and operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux) current with the latest system updates. Turn on automatic updates to prevent potential attacks on older software.

• Protect your Data Use encryption for your most sensitive files such as tax returns or financial records, make regular back-ups of all your important data, and store it in another location.

• Secure your wireless network Wi-Fi (wireless) networks at home are vulnerable to intrusion if they are not properly secured. Review and modify default settings. Public Wi-Fi, a.k.a. “Hot Spots”, are also vulnerable. Avoid conducting financial or corporate transactions on these networks.

• Protect your e-identity Be cautious when giving out personal information such as your name, address, phone number or financial information on the Internet. Make sure that websites are secure (e.g. when making online purchases) or that you’ve enabled privacy settings (e.g. when accessing/using social networking sites).

• Avoid being scammed Always think before you click on a link or file of unknown origin. Don’t feel pressured by any emails. Check the source of the message. When in doubt, verify the source. Never reply to emails that ask you to verify your information or confirm your user ID or password.

• Call the right person for help Don’t panic! If you are a victim, if you encounter illegal Internet content (e.g. child exploitation) or if you suspect a computer crime, identity theft or a commercial scam, report this to your local police. If you need help with maintenance or software installation on your computer, consult with your service provider or a certified computer technician.

Servant Verification Tenant Verification
• Always check the details of the person who has introduced/referred the servant to you. • Always check the antecedents of the person who intend to take on rent your property.
• Ask for the name, address and telephone number of servant’s relatives and previous place of work. • Before you rent your property be careful and ensure the bonafides of the tenant and verify their particulars.
• Obtain two references before employing a servant. • Contact your Beat Constable or Police Station for tenant verification.
• Keep photograph & finger prints of your servant. • Owners of any house/property in specified areas of Delhi should furnish particulars of the tenant(s) to the area SHO/Police Station as per orders issued u/s 144 Cr.P.C.
• Keep an eye on the visitors of your servant. • Any person who intends to take accommodation on rent as well as property dealers offering such accommodation have to inform in writing in this regard to the area SHO/Police Station.
Do's Don'ts
• Don’t open the door to strangers/ unidentified persons.
• Install sturdy doors with magic eye, door chain & auto-lock. If possible, keep a pet dog. • Don’t let plumber, carpenter, electrician and other service provider any access without keeping an eye on them.
• Ensure police verification of your domestic help/driver/watchman/ tenant. • Don’t allow, without verifying, old contacts/employees/servants who are visiting you after a long gap.
• Take the services of only those plumbers/electricians/carpenters/ laborers who are known or recommended by trusted authorities. • Don’t keep servants who are unverified or un-verifiable.
• Inform your nearest policeman and neighbor if you spot a suspicious person around your residence. • Don’t discuss important family/property issues in front of strangers/servants.
• Leave a light "ON", while going out. • Don’t allow servants to have access to your cupboards, safes etc.
• Keep important telephone numbers handy. • Don’t ignore suspicious incidents/ persons; inform the police.
• Keep in touch with the beat officer. • Don’t make any ostentatious display of cash and jewelery before strangers /servants.